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Что это? Полцарства за коня!

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Andrey Bushmelev
член секции Эхокардиографии РКО
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Re: Что это? Полцарства за коня!

Сообщение Andrey Bushmelev » Пн окт 15, 2018 4:56 pm

А кому пол-царства досталось все-таки?))
Андрей Семёнович Бушмелев

Wojtek Guzowski
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Re: Что это? Полцарства за коня!

Сообщение Wojtek Guzowski » Пн окт 15, 2018 9:12 pm

The winner of VSD and the owner of a kingdom is.. profesor Alexandr Sokołow
with respect sincerely yours

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Re: Что это? Полцарства за коня!

Сообщение sokolov166 » Вт окт 16, 2018 2:52 am

Вторая половина "Полцарства" тому, кто сможет вылечить пациента, первая конечно всем участвующим особенно Павлу! :) Я так мимо шел... Спасибо всем!!!
Александр Соколов

Pawel Hertz
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Re: Что это? Полцарства за коня!

Сообщение Pawel Hertz » Вт окт 16, 2018 8:45 am

Vasilich писал(а):
Сб окт 13, 2018 3:41 pm
For such experienced cardiologist as you, Dr Hertz, these games most likely are mere entertainment, but we, beginners in cardiosonography, are forced to take them more seriously. They serve us as some sort of training courses, highlighting some important and up-to-date issues, revealing the areas where we are ignorant so far and indicating proper directions of additional self education. And we are very grateful to Valsalva team and personally to Prof Sokolov and Dr Pyankov for that. The only discouraging thing is weak activity of the readers. And so some good opportunities are being lost because of that. For example, you, Dr Hertz, proposed good idea: "Could it be ruptured left ventricle aneurysme ruptered to.... what ??" Seemingly, at that point, the proper answer of IVS rupture was within the reach. Shamefully, I misinterpreted the picture, and didn't understood your tip. Shame. Must be more sensitive to others views. But there are a lot of well-educated cardiosonographers at the forum. Thinkfully , if they discussed the picture in more detail by each other they could solve the riddle by themselves. Maybe, in the future...
PS People in beautiful Poland are walking on their feet and are very good and pleasant people. Excuse me, please.
Я тоже ученик не учитель


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